We have been working with Andrew Hazen and Prime Visibility for more than 5 years and we are extraordinarily pleased! Andrew "really knows his business." He helped us design and optimize our website and has been able to get us very highly placed on Google and a number of other search engines for highly competitive terms. He has helped us make numerous beneficial changes to our web site to increase our traffic. We are totally pleased with his services.

Gerry Schilling, SVP

"Thank you for the incredibly thorough and enlightening presentation you did with our Executive Leadership Institute. Our directors left the session with a toolbox of tangible ideas and motivation to make immediate changes to their marketing strategic plans. Your ability to share this complex information in a clear and passionate way is very appreciated!"

Jay Frankel
President, True To Life Training


"Andrew is a rare breed of business leader who senses opportunity where others don't and knows how to quickly convert that opportunity into reality, a successful growing business. He is creative, thinking of many new business ideas, yet pratical, having the detailed knolwedge to make a new business work. He is someone who is also trustworthy with a high sense of integrity, someone good to do business with."

Brian Turchin, President, Cape Horn Strategies, Inc.


“It is not often you come across the range of talent, drive, smarts, vision and personality that Andrew possesses! If you have an opportunity to work with him, drop everything else you are doing and sign the deal! I am available at any time for further testimonials.
Norm Levy, Owner, ShoutOmatic


“Andrew has become one of the top LI leaders on Long Island and is 1 of my 2 people to bounce things off. He is recognized not only for his hard work and, business ethics, but as a skilled professional who will give you his true opinion, which is always spot on! Long Island is fortunate to have him, but his reach goes way beyond our region."

Peter Goldsmith, President, LISTnet


“I've had the opportunity of meeting Andrew many years ago when his company, Prime Visibility was exhibiting for the first time at Search Engine Strategies, New York. Andrew is a true entrepreneur and there are very few people in business - especially in the search engine marketing area - of Andrew's caliber. He is also an engaging and effective speaker and he was the highest rated presenter on the topic of search engine optimization strategies and social media at the Advertising Club of Westchester where he was invited to speak twice when I was serving as president. Andrew has already accomplished a lot but I believe there is a great deal more to come and I look forward to hearing about his future successes with his new ventures.”

Rodica Ceslov, President of The Advertising Club of Westchester

“At the beginning of my career, Andrew was just starting his now wildly successful company Prime Visibility and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime working for him at Prime Visibility. As a young man making my way in this new market, it was a wonderful opportunity to watch someone of his intelligence form the beginnings of what would become the most successful SEO firm on Long Island and possibly the world. What amazed me the most was his encyclopedic knowledge of the search engine marketing business on all levels. From sales, employee management, and corporate branding, to complex SEO coding, site architecture and cutting edge link building techniques, there was no aspect of his business that he couldn’t do himself. Andrew was ahead of his time then (10 years ago) and from what I have read, is still pushing onward with forward thinking in Internet marketing and will continue to be successful as long as he wants to hold off retiring which, from what I read about the recent acquisition of his company, is well within his grasp if he chooses to do so. I will always appreciate and value what he taught me so many years ago and I can sincerely say that I owe much of my success in SEO consulting from the relatively short period of time I worked for him at Prime Visibility. If you have an opportunity to work with Andrew or his company, you will not be disappointed.”

Nathaniel Kingsley

“Andrew Hazen is a leader in the SEO field. He has twice spoken to graduate students in my Strategic Internet Marketing class at the Zarb Schol of Business at Hofstra University. His presentations, on search engine optimization techniques and strategies, were GREAT! Andrew is a wonderful speaker who interacts welll with his audience. He gave many tips on SEO that were useful for all.”

Joel R. Evans, Distingushed Professor of Business at Hofstra University

“Andrew has provided invaluable insight and guidance for my start-up business, MitzvahMarket.com. He's truly an expert in his field with a creative approach to all things internet. With his advice, we have greatly improved our SEO, readership and open rate of our email newsletter. He's extremely generous with his time and his advice is priceless.”

Sheri Lapidus, MitzvahMarket

Your presentation on social media at our outdoor Nonprofit Networking event last week hit all the right notes: inspirational, informational and understandable. Watching the audience, I saw a group being motivated by a non-jargony, you-can-do-this talk that clearly took their industry realities and culture into account. Afterwards I heard only positive comments. I look forward to booking you again for future networking events and conferences.
Thank you!


- Warren Strugatch

"Andrew couples deep expertise in e-marketing with a knack for translating complex concepts into easy to understand information. He stays in touch with the needs and interests of diverse audiences, enabling them to focus on executing online strategies that drive superior results."

- Jean Toomey

My good friend and respected business associate Andrew Hazen recently gave a seminar in Long Island on SEO. While I consider myself technology savvy, I had to Google the acronym to learn what it meant. I learned that it stood for “search engine optimization” and knew if I had to look up the meaning that I clearly had a lot to learn and asked if I could attend a seminar.

Considering Hermes Business Corp. specializes in advisory services for small to mid-sized business nationwide, typically advising private companies seeking to secure financing, strategic growth planning, marketing, sales training and risk mitigation, I knew I had to be educated in this very important tool to add value to my clients. Who better to learn from that an expert who tirelessly caters to educating the market and a trusted friend. Andrew was kind enough to give all attendee’s a copy of his book to learn more and refer to, which is a fantastic source of information.

While Andrew Hazen is a very busy man, he was willing thereafter to speak for a panel of professionals at the Financial Women’s Association where I serve as a board member of our LI Chapter. There Andrew engaged a audience of over 50 professionals with his inspirational story on how he built Prime Visibility. I am very thankful to Andrew for sharing his story and information on SEO with my peers.

Any company from a private business owner to a public company should be working with Prime Visibility!

Davi Tserpelis
Hermes Business Corp.
Managing Director

“Andrew is one passionate, down-to-earth human being busy being human. He is entertaining, playful and fun and he delivers more valuable content than can actually be absorbed, leaving you wanting more. He is authentic, bright and a knowledge leader in and outside of his field. “

Ellen Volpe
American Business Association


Let me start by saying that "SEO Plain & Simple" is the SEO Cliff note that every design professional needs on the corner of their desk as a reference guide....

Thank you for letting me know about the book and for being a philanthropist!!!

I read the book and am already using the strategies for a new site I am building.

Chris Manning, CEO
Americana Ventures, LLC

Hi Andrew,
It was very nice meeting you last night. Thank you so very much for coming to our class and speaking. I have to tell you- you are by far one of the most influential speakers I have ever heard. Congratulations. You truly are a success and it gave me great hope listening to your story. I am currently taking an Entrepreneurship class and one of our upcoming assignments is to interview an Entrepreneur whose story amazes us.

Take care and I look forward to speaking with you,
Kellianne N.

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the seminar you held this past Saturday in Farmingdale it was very informative. When you get a moment I would appreciate it if you could email me a copy the PowerPoint slides that you used for the presentation. It was a pleasure to have met you briefly.

Andrew D. Ruditser
Co-Founder & President, Technology


Great presentations this weekend at Farmingdale's Entrepreneurship Conference.  It was extremely educational and inspiring.

Walter Gallocher

Thank you for such a great session.
Please forward PowerPoint presentation.

Sylvia E. Navarro-Nicosia

I saw Andrew's excellent presentation at the Brooklyn Small Biz 
Marketing Expo this past Wednesday, and of course I want the PPT 
presentation. Thanks so much for such an informative presentation, it 
was well worth the price on its own.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing it again... just wish Mr. Hazen 
came with it to do the presentation!

nina birnbaum

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the fantastic seminar today in Brooklyn. You’re a great, informative speaker and I learned more in the 20 minutes you spent with us than I have at all-day seminars. I was just writing this letter to see if you can email me the Power Point presentation that you showed us today.

Also, just a quick question I wanted to ask you at the seminar but didn’t get a chance to. Do you believe that using CSS instead of font tags can give you better rankings in the search engines?

Thanks again!

Daniel J. Dunleavy
Marketing Executive
CWI Medical


Thank you for an excellent seminar today at Prospect Hall. Please send
me a copy of your presentation.

Vincent Lisi
Two Dogs Design

Hi Andrew,

I enjoyed the presentation you made last week at the DM Club of NY breakfast event.  It was very good, and I took away quite a bit of useful, actionable information.  Could you e-mail a copy of the slides -- some of the copy on the handout is quite small!

Also, you indicated that if we e-mailed you for a copy of your book, we could purchase it at a discount.  I would like to have a copy. 

Thank you and kind regards,

Cathy Vanatta

Andrew, I wanted to stick around to thank you and give you my card.  I enjoyed the session yesterday very much.  I am the guy who was sitting in the front row asking questions.

I passed along your info to my wife.  We run a database marketing consulting firm called Drake Direct at www.drakedirect.com and are starting to land quite a few internet companies that from time to time might be able to use your services.

I also teach at NYU in the Master’s program for the Direct and Interactive Marketing program and did some teaching for Walter in the past.

Could I also ask a favor…would it be possible to get a different copy of your deck with full page slides.  I can hardly read the other and would most appreciate it.

Perry Drake 
Drake Direct

I attended your seminar on organic optimization about a month ago and you
offered to send the presentation.  Would you please forward it to:

I really enjoyed your presentation and learned many new things, I'd like to
refer back to your presentation for details.

Thank you,
Suzanne Polidoro
Account Executive
Sanna, Mattson, MacLeod, Inc.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the informative lecture the other week...was wondering if you could email me the powerpoint presentation as you mentioned in class.

Hi Andrew,

I attended your very informative class on "How to Market Your Business
Online class," 10/12/06. During the class you stated you would email the
presentation to all who attended the class. Can you please email me the presentation. I purchased the "Optimize Your Website book" online, but did not receive the update version. If possible can you also send the update version of the book.



Thank you for the informative and wonderful class that you gave last week at
The Learning Annex!  Paul and I were amazed and fascinated by what you had
to say and realized the changes needed for our websites.

Just to remind you, I am the redhead that is a singer/entertainer, we spoke
after the lecture. Paul is the manager with centuryartists.com

Again Andrew thank you for a wonderful informative and inspiring class.

Quinn Lemley

Hi Andrew,

Great class. I run a small constellation of information (adsense +
affiliate) sites on the side as my night job and your class really
helpe me learn how to optimize my pages!

Would you send the powerpoint presentation to this email?

Best Regards


Hi Andrew,

I am the black lady who has taken your class 3 times-and each you give it you add something new.  If I am in NYC I will be taking your class each time you  give it.  You are great-don't know how you do it though.

Do you realise this is the first time you really put out there that you have a book available for sale-which I will be getting-previous class did not catch the title -nor did the person sitting next to me.

Thanks for the PP Presentation.


Dear Andrew Hazen,

I thoroughly enjoyed  your class last Thursday.   Exactly what I hoped for but did not think would happen. Wonderful, valuable information, clearly explained. A great gift. Thank you.

It is clear to me that my website (www.bzrights.com) has to be totally revamped and I think I would like to consult with you or one of your employees to get that job done – as my website is my prime source (after word of mouth) of getting business.

I would very much to talk to a couple of your small clients to understand the process you and the client went through together . Then I would set up an appointment.

Can you give me a couple of contacts to speak to?

Thank you – and once again thank you for a really rewarding class.

Barbara Zimmerman
BZ/Rights & Permissions, Inc.

I really enjoyed your class last Thursday and would love to have a copy of your presentation.  I am trying to organize a website for Health Retreats focusing on fitness and nutrition.  Was also wondering if you would be able to review my website before I upload it?

Thank you once again.
-Dr. Sunanda Chugh

Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for your very informative presentation on marketing 
your business online this past Thursday at the Learning Annex.  I 
can't even begin to describe how useful all of the info was.

If possible, I'd like to take you up on your offer to email us a copy 
of your PowerPoint slides from the presentation.  Thank you in 
advance, and best of luck with your own business ventures.

Kind Regards,
Jeff Antkowiak

I was at Andrew Hazen's class at the Learning Annex this past week and he mentioned that if I sent an email to this address, I would be sent a PDF of his presentation. Thank you for your help and I really liked the class a lot.


To whom it may concern,

I attended the Learning Annex online marketing seminar on Thursday, and I learned a lot!  Please send me the power point slides and any additional information pertaining to SEO and your company.  Thank you.

Henry Kwong
Financial Success Solutions
Say "Yes" to Personal and Financial Success

Loved the class. Please forward the powerpoint for my review. I'll look forward to talking with you upon my return from Singapore. I return on the 20th.

Paul E. Horton
Century Artists Management Agency LLC

Thank you so much for all the valuable information that you gave us on Thursday night, I was so impressed with the class to the point that I'm thinking about taking it again since the information was brand new to me & I couldn't absorb it all.

Safwat Mankarious

Hello, your powerpoint and class really was worth it. thank you.
please send me the presentation. thanks


Good morning,
I attended a Learning Annex class last night taught by Mr. Hazen, and I’m sending a quick email to see if I could get a copy of the PowerPoint slide presented last night.

Thanks in Advance,
Mario Estrella
Systems Administrator
Paloma Floral and Gift Design


I would have got in touch with you sooner, but have been swamped at work. Can you send me the info you have mentioned would be available after the seminar.

Also, the partners at LKGS would like to schedule a meeting with you regarding possible partnership with your company so we can offer your services to our clients. Currently we have lost possible business because we are not offering proper SEO services to companies like N|Compass and Klunk Millan.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Eric Petruskie
Interactive Media Director
LKGS Marketing, Inc.

It was definitely worth it. You jammed pack the evening with loads of useful tips and suggestions. Once we get our site up (using the basics you taught us last night) we plan on coming by for a consultation and tune-up!

Thank you for the informative lecture. You were able to give us so much information in such a short period of time. Please send me the power point for the class.

Thanks again!
Abigail Adams


Thank you for a very informative presentation at the LIAC meeting last night, I truly enjoyed it.  Could you please forward me a copy of the presentation; I would like to discuss it with my Publisher, John Kominicki.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Kathleen Gobos
Advertising Director
Long Island Business News

Your presentation was one of the best I have seen on the topic. There's a great deal of misinformation out there, as I'm sure you are aware. We appreciated your insights and candor.

One of our biggest questions centers around how web optimization and monitoring benefits a service-based company vs. a retail one. The latter is obvious and involves direct transactions to drive business, but the first is a bit murky to me. People don't buy our services over the web, and as a former attorney, you understand this is a essentially relationship business

Perhaps we will ask you to come in and talk to us in the coming months. Again, great presentation.

Barbara L. Cerrone
Director of Marketing & Public Affairs
Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C.